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Last Second Flights

Last Second Flights

Let me get this out of the way now. Last second flights are NOT cheaper and will not give you any discount or leverage at all when it comes to getting insanely cheap flights. This was the case in the 90's, was big then. Unfortunately too many people think that this is still a legitimate way to get cheap flights, but they're way wrong. This article is going to explain to you exactly why this isn't the case anymore and I'll also give you some helpful advice on how to get cheap flights.

There are two main reasons why cheap last second flights are non-existent anymore. First and foremost is the internet. Booking fares online is now the bulk of the market nowadays. Previously people mainly used travel agents or booked directly at the airline ticketing offices.

Doing it online has made it easier and cheaper for the consumer and also spurned fierce competition for sales between the airlines, consequently also making these flights cheaper. You'll rarely find last second flights with spare seats these days. The few remaining seats left will generally only be sold at full fare price.

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Last Second Flight Deals

This brings me the second reason there aren't anymore last second flights, the supply demand dynamics have completely switched. It used to be that when an airline released their fare schedule the full fare price was offered first and then fares got cheaper the closer you got to the actual departure date.

Now things have almost completely turned around. In most cases now, the best time to book a flight is as early as possible. The price will generally increase the closer to departure due to a shorter supply of seats and a higher demand from consumers and business passengers. Bear in mind that it's not a straight rise in price. For more information on the best time to book flights see here; When to buy airline tickets.

Are last Second Flights Still Available?

Most airlines still offer standby flights, but they're nowhere as good as the deals you used to be able to get 10 years back. Most airlines will charge you up to full fare for one of these seats and if you already have a ticket and want to go standby on an earlier flight you'll usually be asked to pay the difference, or at least a $50 confirmation fee. For more information on which airlines still do these types of flights check here; standby flights.

Red eye flights are still a good way to get a cheap last second flight. Red eye flights generally offer the best prices in any circumstances and will be the most likely flights to still have lots of spare seats.

Also, don't forget that the airlines have lots of special fares offered cheap and at the last minute such as military discount fares, student flights and bereavement flights.

Finally, remember that these days you'll almost certainly always get a cheaper deal if you book your tickets early rather than last minute.

Buying last second is not a good tactic to use anymore.

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