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Southwest Ding

Southwest Airlines has quickly become one of the most popular airlines in the United States, in large part because of their consistently low fares and their high levels of customer service. One of the many things that this airline has done right has been to make it incredibly easy for their customers to access the lowest airfares possible out of their home airport. They have done this by creating the Southwest "Ding" and application that can be downloaded onto a personal computer of mobile device to alert people of special reduced rates as soon as they become available.

Southwest Ding Fares

Having the Ding application on your mobile phone or computer makes you part of a special club in the world of Southwest Airlines travelers. Although Southwest is already known for having, fares that are announced through Ding are generally even lower than those that are advertised on their website. These special rates are broadcast on an irregular basis; they are sent out as they arrive, and may reflect an excess inventory of tickets that the airline is trying to get rid of in order to keep themselves from losing money on an empty plane.

Whatever the reasoning is, the way that Ding works is that the consumer downloads either the software onto their computer or the application onto their mobile device. Registration includes up to ten different airport locations that you may be interested in flying out of, but only one zip code.

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Southwest has gained a reputation as one of the most customer-friendly, most efficient airlines in the company, and when you combine that with the fact that their fares are consistently lower than those of their competitors, it makes it easy to understand why they rank so well on consumer review websites.

It is rare that anybody has a complaint about their service or their fees - in fact, they position themselves as being more consumer friendly, whether it is about their Ding service of their lack of bag charges for checked or carry-on bags.

Checking out the Southwest Airlines website is one of the best ways to get the lowest price airfare, even if you are looking for last second flights. It is also the only way to purchase Southwest tickets. One of the ways that the airline has been able to continue to provide low fares has been to stay away from offering their tickets on ticket aggregator websites such as Travelocity or Expedia.


The Southwest Ding program is particularly helpful for people who are fairly flexible with their scheduling, as most of the specials that the ding sound will alert you to are likely to be last second flight rather than schedules that are several months out.

Still, even if you have to be ready to go within a week or two, the savings that are available for flying to some of Southwest's most popular destination routes make it worth the possible complications that come with last minute travel.

Ding deals have been particularly popular for parents who want to visit their kids who are far away at college whenever a low priced fare becomes available rather than scheduling at a popular, and therefore higher priced time.