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Southwest Airlines is one of the most popular American air carriers, and as of 2011 it carries more passengers than any other American-based airline. They have been in existence since the late 1960s, but it has only been in recent years that they jumped to the front of the pack, as they acquired additional airlines to extend the size of their fleet and gained a reputation for offering both low fares and great customer service.

Customer Service

In addition to insanely cheap flights, Southwest has become the go to airline for many simply because their customer service is better then anybody else's. Whether it is the fact that their employees are allowed to dress casually, or their flight attendants are encouraged to clown around and tell jokes, or just that people are happy to be working for such a popular company that is working so well, Southwest consistently ranks among the companies that offer the highest customer satisfaction scores. They also have an excellent on time record for flights departing on time and arriving early. Much of this has to do with their ability to turn a plane around quickly and get it back into the air with another load of passengers.

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Check In

Over the last several years, Southwest Air has introduced some innovative new ways of doing things, and many of them have contributed to their overall effectiveness. Their check in procedure does not involve booking seats ahead of time; people are able to check in early online in order to print a boarding pass and obtain priority seating, which provides earlier access and a better spot in line for boarding the plane.

There is no such thing as first class or business class whether on their legacy routes or on their newer southwest airtran routes. Seating is on a first-come first served basis. Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport an hour or two before their scheduled departure times so that they will be sure to have access to self-serve kiosks if they need them, as well as to get through the security line.

Southwest will be offering priority lines for their frequent fliers, as many other airlines do. One on the plane, you will find that their cabins are equipped with roomy, leather seats that are quite comfortable and feel very deluxe, and the flight attendants on board are happy to provide non-alcoholic beverages at no charge, as well as snacks.

SWAir Baggage Fees

Southwest has always been known as being a great carrier as well as a place where you are likely to find airline tickets under 100 dollars, but they have recently jumped ahead of their competitors again by offering service without fees for the first and second checked bag per customer. Because other airlines have begun to charge for checked bags, and some airlines even charge their passengers for bringing a personal item or carry-on bag, this can represent a tremendous savings, and is just another way that Southwest has shown that they are in the business of making air travelers happy.

Rapid Rewards Credit Card

Another way that Southwest has provided their customers with insanely cheap flights is the opportunity to obtain a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards credit card. Using this card will earn points that can be used towards the purchase of a ticket to fly on Southwest, and the airline often offers special promotions that include two free tickets just for applying for and using the card. Many people think that the Southwest Rapid Rewards card is one of the best cards available in terms of bonus points awarded.