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When Is The Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets

Smart travelers know that when the time comes to book a flight, there are a variety of different tricks to help you get the lowest possible fares. Some entail using ticket aggregators, others are dependent upon the airline that you choose or the airport that you fly into, and some are actually based upon the best time or day to purchase the tickets. Knowing these tricks can save you a good percentage off of this high priced expense.

Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets to Save Money

Regardless of whether you are traveling for the holidays or for business, whether you are going someplace exotic or off to visit Grandma, you want to know how to get cheap flights.

The best-informed consumers know to comparison shop; start off with one of the ticket aggregators and see what the fares are generally going for, and then see whether there is a way to finagle a better price. Sometimes being able to be flexible with your travel dates or time will help, and you can usually get a  cheaper fare if you are willing to take a flight that has connections rather than a direct route.

One way that many people are unaware of has to do with the actual time that you go online to book your flights. Research has shown that airfare prices actually drop to their lowest levels on Tuesday afternoons at three p.m.

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This is when you are most likely to find that prices have been reduced, but you need to take advantage of this pretty quickly, as any reduction in fares will likely disappear the closer you get to the weekend. They are usually back up by Thursday at noon.

Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets to Florida

Airfare prices are very controlled by demand, so the prices to fly to Florida are definitely going to be at their highest around the holidays and when the weather in the rest of the country is at its coldest. If you want to go to Florida but aren't necessarily interested in doing so to escape the winter, you are going to find that the best chance of getting insanely cheap flights is to book during the hottest months of the year. That is when the fewest people are heading to the tropical weather, so airlines are more likely to offer lower fares to attract travelers and to accommodate those who are traveling for business or with children who are off of school. Remember to check in to alternative airports.

Most of the major international hubs also have smaller regional airports close by, and the minor inconvenience of having to drive a bit farther from the airport to reach your destination if often offset by the savings you can achieve by flying via a smaller airline into a more remote location. The savings can easily reach into the hundreds of dollars, especially if you are traveling with more than one in your party.

Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets for Christmas

If you're looking for airline tickets for the holidays, you can pretty much give up on finding insanely cheap flights; the holidays are the most high volume flight days of the year, and the airlines know that they have a captive audience. Your best bet for saving money is to book as early as possible; not only will this give you the opportunity to shop around, but also lets you lock in before the fares start to rise, especially as fuel prices can rise so quickly.

Try to be flexible about your travel dates; the day before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after are traditionally the busiest days to travel, so not only are the charges higher, but it is also generally an unpleasant, frustrating day to fly, with heavy traffic, long lines, and poor customer service.